Chris Moon 1000 mile Challange

Sensei Keith's charity of choice is the childrens charity Barnardos.  In 2009 Sensei Keith held a number of events to raise money, including self defence courses throughout the year with the proceeds going to Barnardos.
Chris Moon 1000 mile Challenge
The Post Office 1000 mile Challenge, to run a 1000 mile in 30 days, no days off completing 36 miles a day. Are you tired just reading that? Well that is what one guy has taken on, Chris Moon, who lost his right arm and leg in 1995 while supervising mine clearance in Mozambique, has been running marathons, ultra-distance races and raising money for charity for the past 15 years and he continues....
The Post Office 1000 mile Challenge starting in Edinburgh on Wednesday 1st September clocking up the final of those 1000 miles by finishing in London on Thursday 30th September, 36 miles per day.  Chris has a personal target to try and raise over £1 Million. 
You can track the progress of Chris via Twitter or Facebook there you can find updates and additional photo's showing his journey. 
Sensei Keith along with five of his co-workers (Mark Drury, Chris Slough, Steve Newsham and Garry Heaton) ran with Chris as he ran through the north west of england phase of his 100 mile Challenge.  Keith, Mark, Chris, Steve and Garry all found the stage tiring even though they had prepared but were pleased to have joined ultra-distance runner Chris Moon MBE for the Ashton to Manchester stage of his 1,000-mile charity run around the UK.  Shown below are some photos from those stages.

The Post Office 1000 Mile Challenge, Chris Moon

One of Chris's fears taking on a challenge of this size "is that the bit of the leg that's left swells up and then gets blisters. It could mean I won't be able to get my leg on again.", he did suffer a slight infection on day 7 and with a bit of advice he managed to sort it out, he said "that is the key to this challenge for person in my position, to workout what is happening, to understand it and treat it quickly". Chris of course soldiers on to other stages.
Chris has been keeping a daily video dairy and all of the videos are available online.  Can you spot Sensei Keith and his co-workers in Day 7 of the video dairy?

Day 7 - 1000 Mile Challenge

If you wish to add your support to Chris then you can do so the following ways, see Sensei Keith at one of his clubs where there are sponsorship forms available.  Or full details on how to donate, goto The Post Office 1000 mile Challenge web site or direct to Chris Moon's Bernardos page, both websites show a number of ways to donate, Online, via Text message or just pop in to a post office branch and buy Postman Pat badges – Donate £1 and choose from 5 exclusive Postman Pat badges.
Self Defence Course - June 2010
Sensei Keith ran another successful self defence course in aid of Barnardos on 20th June 2010 at Fit Bodz Gym.  Although the turnout was not as much as anticipated due to probably the exceptional weather and the England World Cup match, those that did turn up were taught various self defense techniques over the 3 hours, which worked up a sweat to all that were there.  All students thoroughly enjoyed the course.