Other Club Instructors and Senior Grades

Sensei Charlie Mitchell (2nd Dan)

Sensei Charlie has been with the club since 1995. Sensei Charlie also takes the trips to train with Shihan Daniels throughout the year and has also successfully competed in many Karate competitions. He now passes along what he has learnt by assisting Sensei Keith in teaching Kimura Shukokai Karate and helps coach other students for competitions.

Sensei Ben Walster (3rd Dan)

Started with Shaw Karate Club at it's original location in early 1983. He trained with Sensei Keith Cockburn, Shihan Daniels and the late Master Kimura until late 1994, at that time he gave up karate for work commitments not to return for 16 years. During those first 12 years he attended many courses with Shihan Daniels and Master Kimura and entered multiple National Championships. He was awarded his 1st and 2nd Dan by Master Kimura and his 3rd Dan in 2013 by Shihan Daniels. Returnng to his roots along with his 2 sons, to the Sensei that trained him as a young boy.

Sensei Keith has produced a lot of black belts over the years, below are some of the most recent students to have passed their 1st Dan black belts.

Aaron Walster, Luke Walster, Mark Jones, Andy Hall, Carrie Garner, Bethanie Jardine, Pauline Jardine, Alex Nealon.